03 Mar




  • First to bring onto the market a tanning product with an exclusive peptide that mimics the tanning activities of the sun on the skin resulting in a superb safe beach looking tan (BeautyLab Peptide Tanning®)
  • First to launch a high performance anti-ageing moisturiser using tri-peptide collagen to stimulate skin’s own collagen production (BeautyLab® Skin Perfecting Moisture Cream)
  • First to develop a peptide technology formula to stimulate and re-activate skin’s own natural stem cells helping to reverse the ageing process (BeautyLab Youth Elixir® Stemcell Serum)
  • First to create a red carpet beauty treatment and products designed for Hollywood celebrities and HDTV shows using Black Diamond and genstones. (the iconic BeautyLab Black Diamond Facial® & BeautyLab Black Diamond® skincare range)